Created in 2004, St-Pierre Pinsonnault Young Marine Consultants is a privately owned company formed from the association of three consultants working in the maritime field.

Long before this association, the team members worked together on several development projects. The creation of our company became the formalization of the teamwork already in place for many years. Our organization now represents more than 50 years of sea experience on many types of vessels. We can also count on more than 30 years of Navigation teaching as well as work on various development and training projects.

Our core team consists of three experienced Master Mariners. Each one brings his own specialty such as regulation, maritime operation management or cargo operation expertise. Based in Rimouski at the centre of the Technopole Maritime, St-Pierre Pinsonnault Young Marine Consultants is an important resource of maritime expertise. We offer many collaboration possibilities due to our close and quality contacts with the various available expertise and organizations in the immediate region.

Even if training course development was our main activity as independent consultants, we now complete various other types of mandates such as legal analysis. We keep our expertise updated through daily contact with research and maritime training, university courses and sea time as officers.