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St-Pierre Pinsonnault Young complete the first ISM internal audits

[March, 26t] Last January the firm of Maritime Consultants St-Pierre Pinsonnault Young completed the very first internal audits of Reformar. Reformar manages the Coriolis II, a Canadian research vessel. Suite

2010, the IMDG amendment, will you be ready?

[February 1] Adopted by the IMO’s Maritime Safety committee in May 2008, the 34-08 Amendment is brings various changes in the IMDG Code contents and training requirements. In fact, as of January 1st 2010, all shore personnel involved in the handling or management of Dangerous Goods carriage by sea must have received appropriate training on the IMDG code. Suite

St-Pierre Pinsonneault Young already gain from the Collège Maritime

[November 2] Suite

Ballast paper can sink you faster than you believe

[october 29] The International Safety Management code (ISM code) was put in place to improve the overall safety in the vessels operations. By having safety management system onboard vessel and in the office of ships operator, the IMO wanted to see those entities document their regular activities, set up contengencies plans in case of accident, develop a safety oriented minding in every operational levels and in some dramatic case develop missing crutial procedures to insure the safety of the work and more important of the crew. Suite