Nouvelle: St-Pierre Pinsonnault Young complete the first ISM internal audits

[March, 26t] Last January the firm of Maritime Consultants St-Pierre Pinsonnault Young completed the very first internal audits of Reformar. Reformar manages the Coriolis II, a Canadian research vessel.

Having set up its safety management system such as required by the ISM Code, Reformar wished to entrust the internal audit process to an organization independent of its own operations as well as respectful of one of the ISM Code recommendations. According to Captain Young, project manager for St-Pierre Pinsonnault Young : « Reformar’s decision to retain our services in the evaluation process is explained by the level of expertise we offerred to this operator. Our capacity to provide services in a short time and within their own schedule would also have played a role in obtaining this first mandate with this organization in the region ».

This direct intervention in the maritime operations of a client allows our firm to fulfill its mission whereby we offer the maritime industry : « to help the maritime community in sharing its knowledge, providing appropriate solutions and developing useful tools to all players in the industry ». This first experience is already opening doors to future projects of the same nature for our organization.