Our Team

St-Pierre Pinsonnault Young, marine consultants' team is based on three Master Mariners owning altogether, a vast experience as ships' officers, operations managers and trainers

Captain Serge St-Pierre

Captain St-Pierre has a great experience in management, onboard vessel or in a training team. As an officer Captain St-Pierre served on various types of commercial vessels, from a scientific research vessel to tankers. As a Maritime Institute’s professor, he is implied in teaching, courses’ development and was directly working on the implementation of the new navigation program. Still working for the Maritime Institute, Captain St-Pierre is acting as the Navigation’s department coordinator, gaining in managing experience.

Captain Jean-Louis Pinsonnault

As a ship’s captain, M. Pinsonnault developed a sharp legislative knowledge and kept this approach while working as a professor for the navigation department of the Maritime Institute of Quebec at Rimouski. Captain Pinsonnault keeps himself updated on the various legislations of the Canadian Shipping Act and on other related rules or laws either national or international. For his fellow’s professor, his associates and a lot of his students, Captain Pinsonnault is the key reference on legislative questions. He also participated successfully on various projects abroad, related to the implementation of STCW-95 (wich is international training standards for officers) and access to the International Maritime Organisation white list for some African country. Captain Pinsonnault will provide an acute legislative approach to the team throughout the various tasks.

Captain Jerry Young

Captain Young gained a solid experience as officer and manager from his 15 years associated mainly with the Lower North Shore service. As a professor, Captain Young acquired the pedagogic knowledge and the training development skills. As a consultant, he worked, with Captain Pinsonnault, on the adaptation of an existing training for Ship Security Officer, in order to fulfill the Canadian requirements for course approval. Then, both of them developed a brand new formation for the Port Facility Security Officer, also meeting the national requirements. Captain Young was implicated in the auto evaluation of the navigation program for two years. He also worked for Maritime Innovation as maritime expert.